About Wasavy's Printshop

Artwork credit: @elisaymk

Where it started

 Hey guys! I'm Nico and I created Wasavy's Printshop back in 2013 with Bunny, where it still is: Shanghai. Back then we were already screen printing for our own small t-shirt brand, and started printing for others in town little by little. It quickly turned into a business of its own that developed along side of our upcycle design store at the time (the Squirrelz).

A few years later, lots have changed: the Squirrelz store is no more, Bunny is working from NYC while the printshop grew up quite a bit. I now print together with Z and Tia from t-shirtshanghai.com, got 2 locations in town (Jing An and Songjiang), offer a lot more shirts to print on and keep on improving my prints year after year.

What we stand for

  • Covering the basics: offering good shirts, with good prints on and with a good service
  • Being straight forward: if we can do the prints, we do it, if it's not possible, we tell you right away and try to offer you a back up solution
  • Giving back: each year we pick one or more print project for a cause / charity / social enterprise