New website... finally!

Wow I can't remember for how long I've been telling people "I'm building a new website, it should be ready in a few weeks"! I mean, it's been a long time I wanted to upgrade Wasavy's Printshop's website but it sure took me longer than I planned.

Well, here it is, the basic version at least, and I'll keep adding up stuff now that the base structure is set.

The main goal of the new website is the show you guys all the blanks that are available at the printshop. Back a couple of years ago, I was only supplying the core Gildan shirts, so the old website with just a few size charts was perfect. It's 2019 now and I got more Gildan, lots of Printstar, adding up Teelocker, K2 and totes from China and will be bringing some Anvil, Bella+Canvas and Comfort Colors from the US. So the big upgrade was much needed.

I also want to display more info about the prints that can be done, giving you details about the different screen prints that can be done to help you design your graphics.

At the moment there is no plan to create a function for orders to be placed directly online. While it sounds quite convenient, it's kinda out of my reach to build that properly I fear, and if it gets super successful it might be too hard to manage.

Now like I said, this is the basic version, so here is the stuff you can expect to be added in the next few months (or by summer, spring will be super busy ;P):

  • more Gildan and Printstar blanks: Gildan is bringing sport shirts this year, while Printstar will get some super heavy fabric shirts
  • Teelocker: more fitted t-shirts than the other brands though no slim fit, those will be out soon
  • K2: hoodies with some interesting colors
  • Totes: I'll be adding quite a few tote bags options, classic rectangle in beige and black, different thickness and also handbag-style totes
  • Anvil, Bella+Canvas, Comfort Colors: one of the big addition to the line up this year will be some premium shirts we'll be importing directly from the US, with lightweight shirts and vintage washed out colors
  • Comparison pages: I'll be making a couple of pages summing up the pros and cons of the main t-shirts and hoodies available, to help you pick the best choice for your prints
  • Live Printing Events: an other big addition this year, we'll be offering live printing services for events (in Shanghai only)
  • Our Own Stuff: that's a bit more of a pet project, but I wanna start rolling out some of my own designs, that's how the printshop started back then, I feel it's time to revive that side ^^

So yeah, lots more to come it seems!

Oh and Happy Chinese New Year to you all! 新年快乐!


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