Curious about what Wasavy's Printshop does?

We do Screen Printing and Digital Printing (DTG) on garments.

That means no prints on hats, no stickers or business cards, sorry.

How It Works

1/ Let us know what you want to print, find all the contact info here. Please note that we're not offering design services at the moment.

2/ Approve the design, you get a free mock up and quote according to what you want to print.

3/ Place your order, the order is placed once we receive your downpayment (half). Once the order is placed, an order will usually be ready within a week.

4/ Get your order, you can either arrange picking up your order in Jing An Disctrict for free, or we can ship it to you using SF-Express.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing is also known as silk-screen, serigraphy, and serigraph printing. The basics are simple, we use a framed mesh which have uncovered parts that let the ink go through, and impermable parts that don't. All we do is pushing the ink through the uncovered parts, as you would with a stencil.

Image, Harry Wad
A. Ink. B. Squeegee. C. Image (permeable part). D. Photo-emulsion (impermeable part). E. Screen/Frame (wood or aluminium). F. Printed image. (Image: Harry Wad)

Want to see the results? Have a look at our Gallery and look for images tagged "Screen Printing".


We are now using water-based Made in Japan inks from Matsui (US website / Japan website). On top of being of higher quality than before, those inks have a great stretchablilty and have been certified non-toxic by some of the biggest apparel groups using them.


Digital Printing (DTG)

Digital Printing or Direct-to-Garment Printing (DTG) is a much more recent technique than Screen Printing. The idea is incredibly simple: you take an ink-jet printer, you give it fabric inks and you replace the paper by garments.

OK it might be slightly more technical than that, but that's the idea and from there it's easy to see what is possible to do or not. Unlike Screen Printing, with DTG we're not limited by the number of colors we want to print, and it also bring a lot more details to the print. On the other side, since our set up does not incorporate white ink, we can only print on light color garments. Best garment color choices are white and heather grey. For example, if you're printing yellow on yellow, you would almost not see anything.

Want to see the results? Have a look at our Gallery and look for images tagged "Digital Printing".


We use water-based for Digital Printing as well.


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